sailing boat
sailing boat
Ierapetra - The southernmost town in Europe!
Welcome to Ierapetra, the southern-most town in Crete, an area with mild climate, gorgeous beaches, magnificent nature and excellent products.
Chrissi Island - a tropical paradise in Europe
The Jewel of Ierapetra, with one of the most amazing beaches in Greece and Europe, and the unique cedar-forest.
The beautiful villages of Ierapetra
Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the traditional Cretan villages around Ierapetra and feel right at home by the hospitality of the locals.

Welcome to Ierapetra !

more information at salata.ierapetra.gr

Villages of Western Ierapetra

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the villages of western Ierapetra...
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Welcome to the Cultural Website of the municipality of Ierapetra.
We will introduce you to the ancient and modern Ierapetra, that are equally fascinating. We will give you a peek to a place so beautiful and diverse, with bright sun, smooth coastlines, endless beaches, wild mountains, forests and springs, that you will come to understand its name "Nymph of the Libyan sea".
We will give you a glimpse of Chrissi island, our own tropical paradise on the southernmost end of Europe, our pride and joy.
We will take you meet the friendly and hospitable people of Ierapetra, to taste the great Cretan cousine, to search for tranquility in the pure nature or intensity in the traditional feasts and modern nightlife.
We have done our best to introduce you to Ierapetra, but we can only try. Surely a "virtual" trip, like this cannot compare to the real thing!
We urge you to come along!  Ierapetra can host you all year long, because every season is unique. The city of Ierapetra and the whole area of the municipality are sure to add to your enjoyment of your holidays.

Η Ιεράπετρα

Xτισμένη σε μια στρατηγική γωνιά της Eυρώπης, ευνοούμενη από τη φύση, η Iεράπετρα αναπτύσσεται συνεχώς από τα πρώτα χρόνια του αρχαίου Kρητικού πολιτισμού και ήταν ανέκαθεν ένα σημαντικό κέντρο γεμάτο δράση και ενδιαφέροντα. Γνωρίζει μεγάλη άνθηση κατά τις περιόδους του Mινωικού, του Pωμαϊκού και του Bυζαντινού πολιτισμού. Aλλά και κατά τους χρόνους της Aραβοκρατίας, της Eνετοκρατίας και της Tουρκοκρατίας, η Iεράπετρα παρέμενε πάντοτε ένα από τα ισχυρότερα εμπορικά κέντρα αποτελώντας τη “Nοτιότερη Πύλη της Eυρώπης”!