Pine and stone make up the unique scenery found in the historic Mountain, village that its roots are lost in the mists of time. Like many other villages in the mountains of Crete, the Mountain was succeeded by the phase of abandonment with this reconstruction, something made clear by a ride inside. 

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Thirty kilometers east of ierapetra, is the municipal unit of San Stefano that besides the picturesque village includes the popular tourist resort of makrigialos. The settlement's Population is 131 inhabitants (census 2011), 305 inhabitants (census of 1583). 

Built on a hill in 453 m altitude the picturesque village of Agios Stefanos is a prime example of mountain culture of the Cretan people. Its privileged location offers unique views of the Libyan Sea and the mountains of Thryptis while less than six kilometres inhabitants and visitors can enjoy the popular beaches of Makris Gialos.

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Ai-Giannis is built a few km above the coastal village of Koutsounari.
A lovely village to visit, very close to Ierapetra, and a short distance from the sea. The view is unique, while constantly being village mainly by Europeans but also Greek descendants of its former inhabitants.

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Kentri is a village in the municipality of Ierapetra. It is built amphitheatrically on a hill 50m height from the surface of the sea, in the Centre of the Plains of ierapetra and is 3 km from the city.

Historical sources for the Sting have from 1369. The first name of the village was Katsogianni, then pararreonta Kedrio from Kedri River, Kentri during and from 1930 until today called Kentri.

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